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We Now Have Gift Cards * Get Free Shipping - No Code Needed
We Now Have Gift Cards * Get Free Shipping - No Code Needed

Welcome To Park Hill Collection

Thank you for continuing to support small businesses like ours. 

Since we must adhere to the new “social distancing” guidelines due to COVID 19, we have had many customers ask how they can still shop local.
We’ve partnered with one of our vendors, Park Hill Collection, to help make that happen!

The link below will take you directly to the Park Hill website
where you can shop all their products at retail prices.

You will find a much more robust and diverse offering than
we could ever give you in store!

You will be able to place items in your cart, but you will NOT be able to order or check out.  Please contact your local retailer that sent you this message directly to place your order via call, text or email.

If the item is in stock, we will receive it right away.

We will be offering curbside pickup (as staffing allows), we  will gladly receive all large items for inspection and will work with a delivery company of your choice to have it delivered to your location or shipping for out-of-towners.

Shop Park Hill Collection Here


Thank you for taking the time to shop with us. 
It is customers like you who keep small businesses alive! 
We hope and pray that you stay safe and healthy during this time.