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Spend $50 or more for FREE SHIPPING. (some exclusions apply.) Spend $20 or more get 35% entire order. No code required.

Formula 21 - Sweet Fortune Tea


We had this blend specially forulated for earthWest.

All organic ingredients: Dandelion root (roasted) | Buckwheat (roasted) | Cinnamon chips | Orange peel | Desert Rose | Allspice | Ginger | Mistletoe  | Nutmeg (powdered) | Clove (CAFFEINE FREE)

Flavor Profile: The aroma and flavor makes you swoon with delight. Our unique array of classic Winter Solstice / holiday spices is both familiar and intriguing. The smooth sweetness of roasted Buckwheat, deepened by the darker boldness of roasted Dandelion blend to a harmonious balance, caramelized with mulling spices and sweet orange peel. (PAIRS WITH AMBER JADE, YUNNAN GOLDEN TIPS AND OSMANTHUS BLACK TEA)

Herb Lore: Consisting primarily of herbs for abundance, protection and friendship, (most notably Mistletoe!) this familiar yet unique formula is inspired by traditional use of herbs around the winter solstice / holiday season. But its perfect balance of sweet, spice and roast can please the palate, warm the heart and cultivate abundance year round. An immaculate potion whose soothing, nourishing nature can be felt in body and soul. Use in ceremony or to cast a spell for abundance, health and other words...SWEET FORTUNE!

Sourcing Note: The precious rose buds in this blend come from a most unique region on the board of China and Afghanistan in the Xinjian Taklimakan desert. It is called Rose damas, or Damask Rose. A unique blending of culture, the cultivar originated in Western Asia and was introduced to China about a thousand years ago via the Silk Road. The region's arid climate provides a unique set of conditions optimal for growing and air drying the roses. The garden is owned and operated by  local Uyghur people.

Steeping Instructions: 2tsp | 8oz | 210˚F | 3-5 min Best to use spring or filtered water. Bring water to boil, pour over leaves, let steep, strain into drinking vessel. 

Health Benefits: A set of warming herbs and spices, this formula's herbs have been used to promote liver, heart and digestive health, as well as to strengthen the immune system. All excellent benefits any time, but especially for the Fall/Winter seasons.

1.5 oz