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What Is A Body Scrub?

What Is A Body Scrub?

Just like your face, your body, hands and feet need exfoliation to stay soft, smooth and healthy. If your current body care is limited to a loofah and a bar of soap, it’s time to level up. Here’s everything you need to know about adding an exfoliating body scrub to your skin care routine.

What Is A Body Scrub?

Body scrubs are physical exfoliants that mechanically slough away dead skin cells. The feel of earthWest Botanical's scrub comes from a combination of sugar and dried botanicals, clays or other natural ingredients suspended in a whipped glycerin foaming butter base that polishes skin without being abrasive. 

Body Scrub Benefits

The skin is in a constant state of turnover: Dead skin rises to the surface, sheds naturally and reveals the baby soft skin underneath. This process slows over time, contributing to a buildup of dead cells on the skin’s surface. Add medication side affects, autoimmune deficiencies, pollution and other forms of environmental stress to the mix, and you have a recipe for dull, rough and itchy skin.

As with all exfoliants, the goal of a body scrub is to remove dead skin cells and encourage the healthy production of new ones. This type of mechanical exfoliation not only smooths and polishes the skin but also draws out impurities and decrease oxidative stress in the body. Exfoliation is an excellent way to support detoxification.

The benefits of body scrubs include:

  • Promoting efficient circulation, lymphatic drainage and skin cell turnover
  • Removing dead cells from the skin’s surface
  • Smoothing and softening rough, dry skin
  • Drawing out impurities and clearing congestion
  • Freeing ingrown hairs and smoothing razor bumps

Sugar Scrub

Sugar granules are rounder and less abrasive than salt, making them a gentler exfoliant. Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid). Sugar breaks down layers of dead skin and smooths the skin’s surface. It also speeds up rehydration, keeping skin conditioned and moisturized. For this reason, sugar scrubs are a fantastic pick for dry and dehydrated skin types and gentle enough for sensitive skin. 

Combine the benefits of a sugar scrub with high quality essentials oils and extracts, and you have a winning recipe for beautiful body, mind and spirit

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