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Spend $50 or more for FREE SHIPPING. (some exclusions apply.)

Asana Botanics

Kyle Thomas       Beauty is everywhere, and often very misleading with fancy logos, brand promises, ingredients that cannot be pronounced and luxurious packaging- and Kyle was tired of what beauty had become.

In 2009 Kyle (the Owner & Founder of ASANA Botanics) dove into the beauty industry on every level, skin, body, hair- and began absorbing every ingredient, delivery system, brand and fact that there was out there, only to be left confused as to why so many people were using ingredients and products that caused so many disorders and diseases in the body.
Upon deep research, Kyle began developing a passion for clean crafted living and truly believes that the health of the body comes from a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Becoming licensed in Esthetics, Massage, Certified in Aromatherapy and Energetically Attuned Reiki Master. From clean skincare, home products, balance of daily life and relaxation, He began to create a line of products that would be completely transparent in its ingredients, that would be simplified and healthy to have in homes and around pets and children. 
In 2014 a candle line was born that would later become ASANA, with reusable packaging, vegan and sustainably sourced ingredients and the comfort of knowing exactly what is being burned in your home. All of the products at ASANA are hand crafted by Kyle and infused with loving energy, hopeful to pass that onto you. The passion for clean crafted living will continue to grow as our product range grows- and we only want the best for our products, our customers and our family. Because that is what beauty truly is.
earthWest is very excited to be able to share Kyle's passion with you.